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Excess Vaginal Wetness during Sex: What are Your Options?

Too much natural lubrication or wetness during sex can reduce the pleasure of both partners, and even lead to sporadic sexual activity. There is no natural way to decrease the amount of lubrication created. A woman’s wetness increases naturally as arousal increases. If excess wetness is a problem for you, what can you do?

First, you should see your doctor to be sure there is no infection, abnormalities or other problem causing your excess wetness, especially if it is something new. Don’t take chances!

Medical Options: The most radical solution to excess wetness is surgery. This should be your last resort, and is rarely necessary. Other medical procedures include freezing or lasering the cervix to reduce secretions, electrical stimulation, and treatment with magnetic fields. These treatments can variously be painful, costly, time-consuming, and a waste of money. There is no guarantee of success, or that the problem will not return.

Non-Medical Options: There are numerous options, but few realistic ones. Here are some common things couples try (including some “old wives tales”) and comments about their effectiveness.

1) Take a decongestant. Decongestants (like Sudafed) dry-up mucus linings, like the nose and vagina. While it may work to some degree, it must be taken a half-hour or so in advance, and may cause drowsiness. The level of dryness cannot be controlled.

2) Try an Alum Douche . We’ve heard of this, but don’t know any doctor recommending it. There’s no way to judge how long it will last, and what the side effects or long-term impact may be.

3) Use a ribbed condom. Anecdotal reports suggest this doesn’t really have much effect on the sensation. Excess wetness remains a problem with or without a condom. If the problem of excess vaginal lubrication is minimal for you, this may be all you need.

4) Douche with plain water. This has some impact by washing away the natural lubrication, the effect tends to vanish as the womans natural lubrication returns.

5) Insert a sponge or wash cloth. One of the more embarrassing techniques, and one which does not last, especially as arousal increases. Some couples find this a big “turn off.”

6) Use a fan blowing on the genital areas . Not a practical solution, as it would primarily result in making the couple cold, while having little impact on internal vaginal secretions.

7) Use birth control pills. Some ladies find this has some impact. It is not controllable.

8) Close your legs. This may increase the tightness of the vagina, but unless the man has a very long penis, you will likely find it far less satisfying.

9) Insert an ice cube into the vagina to cause muscle contraction. Another old wives tale. Besides the obvious discomfort, the woman has the same problems as with a plain water douche – any effect (minor in this case) would rapidly disappear as excitement grew.

10) Creams. There are many of these products, some with the consistency of hand cream and others using a petroleum jelly base. Ones We’ve seen include Hold Tight, Oh So Tight. Tighten Up Shrink crème, Sure Grip, Harmony Cream, and Manjakani Cream. Some creams use a herb known as manjanki or oak gall. Oak gall is more commonly used to treat inflammation and sore throats. Others contain benzocaine, a local anesthetic that numbs the nerves in the uterus, or alum, which can be irritating and may cause yeast infections. Manufacturers of these creams say they work in a few minutes, but anecdotal evidence suggests they often have little or no effect.

11) AbsorbShun natural powder. Is a natural powder that has a noticeable moisture absorbing effect within 1 – 2 minutes. The more powder used, the more absorption, allowing the couple to find their preferred moisture level. If you need more information, go to the Product Information page.

Whatever option you choose, you should look for a solution that is satisfactory for both partners. Finding the right level of lubrication can lead to more frequent sex, greater sexual pleasure, and a close relationship between partners.

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